RiceGum Net Worth Bio, Facts, Age | American YouTuber

RiceGum Bio
RiceGum Bio

RiceGum Bio

Among the celebrities, we have a tendency to already apprehend well, the rei a replacement generation of celebrities starting up. These are influencers and Youtubers. Their careers are getting additional and additional within the spotlight and that they have an enormous influence on the folks lately. RiceGum Net Worth is $8 million.

Their communication with the fans and folks who follow them are some things that keep them within the spotlight, since they appear additional accessible and accessible to the fans, perhaps actors or singers. We’re evolving to mention their personal lives, careers, and web value, so you’ll be ready for even more speculation about them.


RiceGum Bio
RiceGum Bio

Bryan Quang may be a noted American YouTube temperament. Folks principally apprehend his as RiceGum supported his nickname on YouTube. Besides being a Youtuber, he’s conjointly a musician and an influential person. we are progressing to speak additional concerning his web price, personal life, and his career. You must be ready to determine everything you ever needed to grasp concerning this proficient young man, therefore allow us to begin talking concerning his early years and childhood.

Early Life

Byan Quang Lee was born, Nov 19th, 1996, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rice gets old in an Asian family, and as a little boy and a teenager, he loved playing computer games. That’s why he really started to engage in sports, and at the last, he wants to show his unique tricks and game skills on YouTube with other people. RiceGum Net Worth is $8 million.

Byan uploaded his first video to YouTube six years ago in 2013. His first video was his “Call of Duty” gameplay because he wanted to show others how he managed to be so good in this popular video game.

RiceGum Bio
RiceGum Wiki

Her next video was uploaded two years later. It’s unclear if he made his first video immediately. Later, why not upload something. His second video was where he talks about the routine of his life. The video garnered nearly 1.2 million views and that’s when folks started to observe it many times and more than once. Still, it got a great following because there was something interesting about its appearance and videos that kept people coming back to its profile.


In the same year that he creates his YouTube channel, he began partnering with Machinima. RiceGum was initially a gaming YouTube platform like KOS, and this is where its first follow-up and growth came on the platform. Later, he went into comedy. Basically, he started producing videos where he made music about kids making videos for the app.

And the third dimension of his YouTube career is music. Rice Gum tended to rap, largely out of disguise, where he eliminated another popular YouTube. In fact, one of his versatile famous tracks has made them # 80 on the Billboard Hot 100. And Rice Gum is the famous and creative YouTuber to reach the Billboard Hot 100, along with Jack Paul. His other dissertation tracks include Jake Paul, Danielle Bregoli, and Gabrielle Hanna. It has transformed it into a wrap carrier with millions of views and downloads of its songs. However, it is always good to be diverse! RiceGame only reached its first million subscribers in mid-2016, but by the end of 2017, it had already amassed a total of 9,000,000.

RiceGum Net Worth
RiceGum Net Worth

Favorite Quotes from RiceGum

“If you spend your free time reading inspirational quotes on Google you will be successful one day.”

“Some days I be feeling as useless as the “G” in Lasagna.”

“I remember when the Internet was an escape from the real world. Now, the real world is an escape from the internet”

“I want this music video to be great and you can’t rush greatness. I know millions of people are gonna watch this so Ima takes an extra day.”

“If your girl laughs at another guy’s joke. Write down that joke and say it a month later. If she doesn’t laugh she is 100% cheating.”

“Kids from my elementary school trying to be friends now, but I remember when they didn’t let me sit with them at lunch, lol.”

“Sorry mom, I can’t hang out today. I have to find old pictures of us and post them online.”

Personal Information & RiceGum Net Worth:

Birth Name: Bryan Quang Le
NickName: Rice Gum
RiceGum Age: 23 years
Date of Birth: November 19, 1996
Gender: Male
Birth Place: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Spouse:  Abby Rao
Children: No
Nationality: American
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Ethnicity: American
RiceGum Height: 6ft
Birth Sign: Scorpio
Profession: YouTuber, Comedian, Gamer, Rapper
Rice Gum Net Worth: ‎ $8 million

 Rice Gum Net Worth

Year Net Worth
RiceGum Net Worth 2019 $8 million
RiceGum Net Worth 2018 $5.2 million
RiceGum Net Worth 2017 $2.5 million
RiceGum Net Worth 2016 unknown

Social Media Links

Rice Gum had more than 2.92 M followers on Twitter. Rice Gum is a very popular personality in social media and has personally shared his photos and videos on social media sites to engage his fans. Also, RiceGum height is 6ft. Here are some social media links available that follow Rice Gum. Also, RiceGum Age is 23 years old. RiceGum Net Worth 2019 is $ 8 million. Net Worth of 2018 $5.2 Million. Finally, RiceGum Net Worth Net Worth 2017 is $2.5 Million.

Twitter: @RiceGum

RiceGum Net Worth 2017

Finally, RiceGum Net Worth 2017 is $2.5 Million.

RiceGum Net Worth 2018

Finally, RiceGum Net Worth 2018 $5.2 million.

RiceGum Net Worth 2019

Finally, Rice Gum Net Worth 2019 $8 million. RiceGum Net Worth (YouTuber, Comedian, Gamer, Rapper).

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