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Jacelyn Reeves Wiki
Jacelyn Reeves Wiki

Jacelyn Reeves Wiki

Jacelyn Reeves is a former American Airlines flight attendant. He is also known as a former partner of Hollywood star Clint Eastwood. Jocelyn was born on December 21, 1951, in Seattle, Washington, USA. She is of American nationality and belongs to a mixed race. Moreover, she lives with a middle-class American family.



Reeves did not talk much about her early education but joined her as a minister after graduating. She started his career as an air hostess at American Airlines. Jocelyn worked for airlines all her life.


Jacelyn Reeves born on 21st Dec 1951, in Washington, city of USA. She is of mixed ethnicity; Welsh, German, English, Irish, Dutch and Scottish and holds an American position. She spent much time in life in her town point of entry beside her family.

Reeves began her career as a flight steward, in Washington wherever she spent most of her lifespan. Besides these facts, there’s no alternative information known concerning her profession.

A tender garnered plenty of fame for her romantic relationship with the outstanding actor “Clint Eastwood”. His well-liked films embody the Western hang ‘Em High (1968), the psychological adventure story Play Misty on behalf of me (1971), The crime films Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974), The Outlaw Josie Wells (1976), the prison film Escape Alcatraz (1979), and also the action film Firefox (1982).

Jacelyn Reeves Net Worth
Jacelyn Reeves Net Worth

And their son Clint Eastwood Jr. is a USA actor, filmmaker, musician, and political figure who achieved victory within the Western TV series fell. He rose to international fame along with his role because of the unknown Man in Sergio Leone’s dollars trio of pasta Westerns throughout 1960.


Jacelyn Reeves has ne’er been married. She dated American actor, Clint Eastwood within 1980. The couple initially met on the wing around 1985, as she was an attendant throughout the time, & began a secret affair before long once.

Their relationship lasted for around 3 years. A baby born in the house of Reeves, a son Scott Eastwood born on March 21, 1986, and a girl Katheryn Ann Eastwood on February 2, 1988. Scott is one in every of the leading faces within the field of acting who has to contend variety of major roles in movies just like the films “Flags of Our Fathers”, “grandparent Turin”, “Invictus”, “The Forger”, “bother with the Curve”, “TX chain saw”, “Fury”, and also the excellent Wave.


Clint Eastwood was still living with a philosopher once he planned 2 youngsters with Reeves. Eastwood lived Sondra philosopher from 1975-1989. the philosopher took the connection seriously and was very agitated once she discovered abundant later that Eastwood continuing to own sexual relationships with different ladies. philosopher filed a support payment legal proceeding following their separation.

Clint Eastwood was initial married to Margaret “Maggie” Johnson in 1953. Eastwood was in a very close relationship which resulted in the birth of a very young child whose mother ready for adoption. He had extracurricular relationships whereas married to Johnson, as well as a 14-year long relationship with actor and stunt-woman Roxanne port that created a girl.

In the Nineties, Clint Eastwood had fallen in love with American actor, Frances Fisher. The couple had a girl, actress, Francesca Fisher, born 1993.

Clint Eastwood’s second wedding was with news anchor Dina Ruiz in 1996, which lasted till 2013.


Jacelyn, A Proud Single Mother

Also, Jacelyn went through a tough phase while raising her children. Scott debuted in 2006 in his father’s movie Flags of Our Fathers. He has since succeeded in working on such popular films as Instant, Texas Chinos 3D, Suicide Squad, The Fate of the February, and Pacific Rim. : Rebellion. Her daughter, Katherine, on the other side, the best female actor and screenwriter who has achieved a Globe of Gold Award for her work. He has appeared in some award-winning films such as Jersey Boys, Revoked, Exploited and Blacklisted.

It didn’t do any smart to Reeves as reports claim that she isn’t any longer married to her husband. Besides, there are not any affairs & the boyfriend of Reeves. Jacelyn is additionally active on many social media interfaces like FB. After rending with Clint Eastwood, Reeves married non-public Bell. Since everybody talked concerning her because of her relationship with Clint, Reeves selected to stay her married life non-public.

Jacelyn Reeves Net Worth:

Birth Name Scott Clinton Reeves
Nick Name Jacelyn Reeves
Age 67 years
Date of Birth December 21, 1951
Gender Female
Birth Place Seattle, Washington, United States
Spouse Private Bell
Children Scott Eastwood, Kathryn Eastwood
Nationality American
Hair Color light brown
Eye Color Blue
Ethnicity American
Height 1.65 m
Birth Sign Sagittarius
Profession Flight attendant
Jacelyn Reeves Net Worth ‎ $375 million million

Jacelyn Reeves Net Worth

Year Net Worth
Jacelyn Reeves Net Worth 2019 $375 million Million
2018 $295 million
2017 $215Million
2016 unknown

 Social Media Links

Jacelyn Reeves had more than 280 followers on Twitter. Jacelyn Reeves is not a popular personality in social media and has personally shared his photos and videos on social media sites to engage his fans. Also, Jacelyn Reeves Height is 1.65m. Here are some social media links available that follow Jacelyn Reeves. Also, Jacelyn Reeves Age is 67 years old. Jacelyn Reeves 2019 is $ 375 million. Net Worth of 2018 $295 Million. Finally, Jacelyn Reeves Net Worth 2017 is $215 Million.

Jacelyn Reeves Net Worth 2017

Finally, Jacelyn Reeves Net Worth 2017 is $215 Million.

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