Hanne Norgaard Bio
Hanne Norgaard Bio

Hanne Norgaard Bio

Hanne Norgaard, also known as Kim Elba, is a renowned professional makeup artist. She is of African descent and describes her descent as a Blasian in one of her social media accounts. Hanne Norgaard was the first wife of actress Idris Elba. Although known for his well-known former spouse, Norgaard himself is a very successful professional who has worked in film production houses such as Columbia Trust, BBC TV shows. And with celebrity makeup brands such as Sean King, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.


Hanne Norgaard Bio
Hanne Norgaard Daughter and Idris Elba

Her celebrity clients include Robin Williams, Hugh Laurie, Gina Davis, Gina Redgrave, and Idris Elba. It’s a business called ‘Make-up Your Mind’ that caters to a variety of makeup needs. It has its own makeup line called Kim Elba Cosmetics. She believes that each face is unique and that makeup should be used to enhance this beauty.

Hanne Norgaard’s Career

Hanne Norgaard Danish models her career as a teenager. Desiring to explore the world, she herself came to London and began modeling. Her parents wanted her to get a good education. Hanne Norgaard insisted that she study makeup artistry to ensure Hanne Norgaard could live in a world of beauty and fashion in which she was interested. She was awarded the “International Artist Makeup Academy” in London. Within the first week of her graduation in 1992, when she started a job with the BBC, her career began to fly by. Then in 1993, another assignment was handed over to Columbia Film star, a London film production house. Artist-up for some of Columbia’s Tri-Star projects she moved to New York in 1999 after her marriage to Idris Elba. She worked for shooting films, television shows, fashion shows and magazines.

Following the separation from her husband in 2003, her career path slowed down, but in 2007 she restarted it with the beauty make-up ‘Make-Up Mind’. Under this service, Hanne Norgaard and her team of expert makeup artists and hairstylists offer a wide range of makeup services for clients, including clients’ shoots, hairstyles and various styles of personal styling. Another unique offering of this service is make-up parties, where they help women learn make-up and enhance the look of the holidays at hosting parties during the holidays. Since 2009 she has been associated with the “My Black is Beautiful” event as a makeup artist and consultant.

Hanne Norgaard Wiki
Hanne Norgaard Wiki

As the name suggests, the program celebrates the color black and aims to change society’s perception of what it means to be beautiful. ‘Kim Elba Cosmetics’ is Han Norgaard’s own cosmetics line that sells free and seamless cosmetics to Peabody.

Family & Personal Life

Hanne Norgaard was born on April 5, 1977. Her mother is from South Korea and her father is an African-American. Hanne Norgaard grew up in South Korea, England, and the United States. She did not reveal the names of her parents or his siblings or give details of her early life. Hanne Norgaard met Idris Elba while working as a makeup artist in London and was an up-and-coming actor. She married in 1999 and moved to New York to pursue better career opportunities. In 2002, their daughter, Ian Elba, was born. The couple separated in 2003, a year after Ian was born. Norgaard never spoke about the reason for the divorce and he and Idris remain friends. Together they were seen celebrating their daughter’s 16th birthday 2013.

After being single for ten years, in 2013, Hein Nargaard married Pastor Andrew L. Freire II. The wedding celebration ends on a romance yacht cruise. On her first wedding anniversary, Norgaard said her husband had a special gift from God. Hanne Norgaard added that she was amazed at God’s love, patience, understanding, and confidence. In an interview with ‘People’ magazine in 2022, Isan Elba spoke about how Hanne Norgaard sees her mother battling mental illness. According to Essen Elba, her mother was diagnosed with bipolar depression, depression, and chronic anxiety. Hanne Norgaard is bilingual. She speaks fluent English and Danish.

Hanne Kim Norgaard’s Divorce,

Also, Hanne Norgaard married Idris Elba for five years in 1999 when they divorced in 2003. She was always strict about public divorce and kept calm. Although she once mentioned that she was at peace and was thankful that things went well. Over time it is seen that her personality is more of a private and wonderful person. She does not like to divulge any details about her divorce, marriage or children. However, Idris Elba mentioned in an interview that Kim did not adjust well to New York’s life. In other words, we can infer that her relationship had broken down with her.

The two talented men together have a daughter by the name of Esen Elba. This was reported when we celebrated our last birthday and they both marked their birthday at Park Tour, Piedmont Park, Atlanta. Idris Elba also has a son from his ex-girlfriend Niana Trough, our stepbrother. Isan has always been interested in pursuing a career in acting, just like her father did. However, she has recently decided to change her career choice and is now becoming more interested in writing and photography. Norgaard featured on the reality TV show – ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’. Hank Norgaard and her husband, Freire Andrew, operate “Heart Strong Ministry” in Georgia. The mission of the ministry is to help people make “heart decisions” that bring them closer to God.

Quick facts:

Real Full Birth Name Hanne “Kim” Nørgaard.
Nickname Kim.
Profession Makeup Artist.
Famous for Being the Ex-Wife of Idris Elba (English Actor, Producer & Director)
Hanne Norgaard Age (As of 2022) 42 years old
Date of Birth (DOB), Birthday April 5, 1977
Birthplace/Hometown London, United Kingdom
Hanne Norgaard Nationality 1. British.
2. American
Gender Female
Sexuality Straight
Gay or Lesbian No
Ethnicity Multiracial Afro-Asian Descent
Debut TV Show: Real Housewives of Atlanta
Film: NA
Sun Sign (Zodiac Sign) Pisces
Religion Christianity
Current Residence Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Hanne Norgaard Net Worth

Hanne Norgaard must have made a lot of money from her makeup career. They average about 40k annually as salary. Earns Her ex-husband, Idris, Hanne Norgaard Net Worth about $25 million and has made the most of his professional life.