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Hanna Alstrom Wiki
Hanna Alstrom Wiki

Hanna Alstrom Wiki

Hanna Carolina Alström is well known as Hanna Alstrom, she is a Swedish actress. Also, she born 5 March 1981 and famous because of starring in Kingsman: The Secret Service and its upshot Kingsman: The Golden Circle as Crown Princess Tilde of Sweden. Hanna Alstrom starts his career in 1986 at the age of 5 years old. Hanna Alstrom wanted to work in the theatre but kicked it off. Later after two years, she debuts her career on the big screen in the film Gull-Pain. Besides, after her debut in the film, she gets some small role in a small screen. She had a long career and she remained active for more than thirty years in the acting field. She did many popular roles in her career such as Kingsman: The Golden Circle as Crown Princess Tilde and Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Furthermore, Hanna Alstrom is a Swedish actress and also, she is a former student Sankt Eriks gymnasium. And the Swedish National Academy of Acting and Mime. In addition, her older sister Sara was also an actress and they both start their career in Unga Teatern. Also, Hanna Alstrom Net Worth is unknown.

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Early Life

Hanna Alstrom was born in StockholmSweden. Hanna Alstrom starts acting at the age of 5 years old. When she was at the age of 6, she did many theatre roles such as Puckteatern and the Grona Lund Theatre. In addition, she plays Gransland staged Staffan Gotestram. On the other hand, she performed in the Royal Dramatic Theatre, representing some child characters.

Furthermore, she did the famous role of Princess Tilde in 2014 in the film Kingsman: The Secret Service, and in 2017 she re-presented that role in sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Hanna Alstrom & Gustaf Skarsgård
Hanna Alstrom & Gustaf Skarsgård

Hanna Alstrom Movies

In addition, Hanna Alstrom has thirty years of an acting career, basically, she starts her career from the stage and she debuts in Gull-Pain which is a film directed by Steffan Gotestram. This film was based on a novel by the same name, it is written by Astrid Lindgren. She also works in Swedish television series Bert in 1994. Furthermore, she performed in soap opera, and she played in role in Magdalena Gren in Vita Longer. Alstrom also starred in Skargardsdoktorn on television which is the most successful Swedish TV show of the 1990s. In 1998 and 2000 she appears in television programs Barnen Pa Luna and Langtans blaa blomma separately.  In 1999, she did a role in the film Sherdil. Also, in 2002, she featured both television projects Nya tider and Cleo.

Hanna Alstrom Wiki
Hanna Alstrom Wiki

On the other hand, in 2004, Hanna Alstrom did a role in Fjorton Suger, the role is small. Fjorton Suger is a film which is about teenage girl and her family.

Quick Facts

  • Nickname:   Hanna Alström
  • Birthname:   Hanna Carolina Alström
  • Birthday: March 5, 1981
  • Born in:  Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden
  • Nationality: Sweden
  • Famous: Actress
  • Hanna Alstrom Age: 38 Years, 38-Year-Old Females
  • Spouse: Gustaf Skarsgård (1999 – 2005) (divorced)
  • Born Country: Sweden
  • Famous As: Actress
  • Hanna Alstrom Height: 5′ 7½” (1.71 m)
  • Father: Unknown
  • Mother: Unknown
  • Hanna Alstrom Siblings: Sara Alström
  • Ex-daughter-in-law of:  Stellan Skarsgård.
  • Ex-sister-in-law of: Alexander Skarsgård, Sam Skarsgård, Bill Skarsgård, Valter Skarsgård.
  • EDUCATION:   Theater Academy of Stockholm, Sweden 2003-2007
  • SPECIAL SKILLS:  Swedish, English, basic French Dancing, Singing

Hanna Alstrom Filmography:

THE GLASS ROOM 2019 Julius Sevcík/Infilm
TED- FÖR KÄRLEKENS SKULL 2017 Hannes Holm/Stella Nova
KINGSMAN; THE GOLDEN CIRCLE 2017 Matthew Vaughn/Marv Films, 20th Century Fox Film
SAMEBLOD 2015 Amanda Kernell/Bautafilm
KINGSMAN; THE SECRET SERVICE 2014 Matthew Vaughn/Marv Films, 20th Century Fox Film
TILLBAKA TILL BROMMA 2014 Martin Persson/Bob film
EN GÅNG I PHUKET 2011 Staffan Lindberg/Film i Väst, Stella Nova
EN SPRICKA I KRISTALLEN 2007 Harald Hamrell/Tre Vänner
KÄRLEK 3000 2007 Shahriyar Latifzadeh/Stollywood
BARNEN PÅ LUNA 1999 Tobias Falck/Filmlance
SHERDIL 1998 Gita Malik/Caravan Fim
VEM VILL HA EN IDIOT? 1998 Claudia Lisboa/Meter Film
ANMÄLD FÖRSVUNNEN 1994 Jon Lindström/Jarowskij
GULL-PIAN 1987 Staffan Götestam/SF

Television Career Hanna Alstrom:

MORDEN I SANDHAMN 2017 /Filmlance International
CROSSING LINES 2015 Bernero Productions, Stillking Films, TF1 Production
JOY 2014 Caroline Cowan/Altairfilm AB/SVT
ÄKTA MÄNNISKOR 2013 Harald Hamrell, Christian Eklöw, Christopher Panov/SVT
BLOMSTERTID 2008 Martin Persson/STO-CPH
LIVET I FAGERVIK 2008 Harald Hamrell/SVT
CLEO 2002 Daniel Lind Lagerlöf & Leif Lindblom/SVT Drama
SKÄRGÅRDSDOKTORN 1999-2000 Richard Petrelius/SVT Drama
LÄNGTANS BLÅA BLOMMA 1997-1998 Laurus Oskarson/SVT Drama
SKÄRGÅRDSDOKTORN 1997 Daniel Lind Lagerlöf/SVT Drama
VITA LÖGNER 1997-1998 Dag Malmberg & Richard Looft/MTV
ASPIRANTERNA 1997 Alexander Moberg/SVT Drama
I LÖD & LUST 1996 Karin Falck/SVT Drama
SKUGGORNAS HUS 1995 Mikael Håfström/SVT Drama
BERTS DAGBOK 1993 Tomas Alfredson & Svante Kettner

Stage Performances:

ZEBRAFLICKAN 2012 Ulf Stenberg/Stockholms Stadsteater, Teater Fryshuset
TVÅ HERRARS TJÄNARE 2011-2012 Peter Langdahl/Dramaten
I LUSTHUSET 2010-2011 Sophia Jupither/Dramaten
KÖRSBÄRSTRÄDGÅRDEN 2009-1010 Mats Ek/Dramaten
PUNTILA/MATTI 2009 Alexander Mork-Eidem/Stockholms Stadsteater
PETRA VON KANTS BITTRA TÅRAR 2008-2009 Hugo Hansén/Stockholms Stadsteater
DÅRFINKAR OCH DÖNICKAR 2009 Alexander Öberg/Stockholms Stadsteater
ALLT OM MIN MAMMA 2008-2009 Philip Zandén/Stockholms Stadsteater
DET GÅR AN 2008 Philip Zandén/Stockholms Stadsteater
ROCK N’ ROLL 2007-2008 Margareta Garpe/Stockholms Stadsteater
JULORATORIET 2007 Christian Tomner/Stockholms Stadsteater
TRE SYSTRAR 2007 Peter Oskarson/Teaterhögskolan
USCH, VILKET FINT VÄDER 2006 Hanna Alström & Helena Thornqvist
BETONGSOCKOR & FÖRORTSMYS 2005-2006 Jonna Nordenskiöld/Stockholms Stadsteater
PIPPI LÅNGSTRUMP 1992-1993 Hans Klinga/Dramaten
AMORINA 1990-1991 Peter Stormare/Dramaten
ETT DOCKHEM 1989-1990 (turné) Ingmar Bergman/Dramaten

Social Media Links

Hanna Alsrom had more than 369K followers on Twitter. Hanna Alsrom is a very popular personality in social media and he personally shared his photos and videos to his social media sites to engage his fans. Also, here are some social media links available to follow Hanna AlsromHanna Alsrom age 38 years.

Hanna Alstrom Instagram:
Hanna Alstrom Twitter: @HannaAlstrom81

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